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Empath Conjure Oil for Protection Shielding Aura


We designed Empath oil for those that are deeply intuitive and spiritually connected to the emotions of others. Empaths have the ability to absorb the feelings of another person. Even if people are not directly expressing their emotions, empaths have the ability to absorb another person's energy and feel that person's emotions as if it were their own. 

This may seem like an amazing gift to have, but it can be very exhausting to carry the emotional burdens of others while trying to manage your own. This oil is blended with shielding protection powders and resins to protect your energy when you are exposed to the toxicity of others. This oil works great if you work in a high stress environment or if you deal with prolonged sadness/anxiety as a result of being exposed to the energy of others. 

You can dab a few drops of this oil on your pulse points before going in contact with people. You can drop a few drops of oil on an intention candle to cleanse your sacred space. You can also drop a few drops in a diffuser. This oil also works great in a bath or while showering. 

  • Contains White Sage, Blue Sage, Black Witch Salt (handmade), Dragon's Blood Resin, Lavender, Dried Herbs, Holy Oil (handmade), Protection Oil (handmade), Essential Oils, & Fragrance.
  • Can be used on intention candles.
  • Compatible with most diffusers.
  • Warm & Creamy unisex smell. 

Need More Information About Product: Email for detailed instructions and additional information pertaining to this product. Please be advised that we can not make guarantees of how any product will effect a physical change or other outcome. We do not make promises to heal chronic illnesses or advise you to use this product as a means of self medication. Please refer to the reviews in my Etsy store that can provide confirmation of the validity of this product.

During the making process of this product, authentic crystals are used in spiritually charging each batch of oil. However, in order to keep our prices reasonable, there will not be authentic crystals sent with the product. Authentic crystals are available for custom orders only and the price will be more expensive.

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